The new Club 4X4 – Our Revised Hours of Operation and Service Capability

A number of weeks ago I informed you all of some upcoming changes to our business model; at the time I asked for your patience as we reduced our operating hours to allow for the various project pieces to come together.

Undertakings like this don’t come easy and have been in the works for some time. I am truly appreciative of your patience in the lead-up, and ongoing, as we bed in our systems and processes.

Over the coming weeks, I’m looking forward to presenting you with the various benefits that this work has created for you as a customer; starting with our new support model and hours of operation.

Over the years one of the pieces of feedback I saw regularly through our call centre, social pages, forums and face to face at shows or events has been around the limitation of our claims service. Insurance is far from just the piece of paper you get at the end; it’s about us making a promise to help you at your time of need. This promise is fulfilled when your pride and joy has been damaged in an accident and we take care of you at your time of need to get your 4×4 or trailer repaired. Our fulfilment of the promise allows you to get back on the dusty trail and on to your next adventure; fulfilling our company mission to “Protect the Lifestyle of the Off-Road Touring Enthusiast”.

I am pleased to say that your feedback hasn’t fallen on deaf ears. We’ve made numerous changes to our business over the years based on feedback and this is no different. We are now available to service your claims needs from 8am through to 7pm Monday to Friday, Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDT). This matches our revised hours of service for your policy enquiries, which have now also reverted back to 8am through 7pm AEDT. Our policy team will also be available from 9am-12noon on a Saturday to service you where you can’t reach us during the week.

We also understand that claims don’t always happen during these defined hours. Old mate Murphy isn’t selective, so we have launched our new 24hr service model; something I am incredibly proud of. Club 4X4 will now be able to provide you with the support you need should an incident happen after hours – right around the clock. Our service partners from across the ditch in New Zealand will be available to help you arrange a tow, give you guidance on what to do and in general, get you ready for the claims and repair process. The work they do will dovetail in with our local team who will pick up and take over the process on the next business day – a service that I look forward to giving you further information on in the coming weeks.

Thanks again to you all for your patience; Club 4X4 is about more than insurance, it’s about enabling your adventures by giving you the piece of mind to explore this great country in ways that only low range can allow you.

Stay tuned for next week where I will explain more about our revised claims model.

Happy Touring

Kalen Ziflian

General Manager

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  1. Hi Kalen,
    Thanks for that update.
    Do we still use the same contact details in the event of a claim and regardless of whether it is during the posted hours or at weekends? (ie, 1800 258 249 or or are there different details if it’s out of hours and we are going via the NZ operation?

    1. G’day Adrian,

      Exactly the same! Through the wonders of technology, after our core hours of 8am-7pm our 1800 CLUB 4X4 (258 249), all call liens divert to our mates over the ditch.



  2. Hi, what would be really good is if you rang people back when you say you will. I’m currently waiting for my 2nd non call back to answer my renewal query.

    1. Post
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