Roast Lamb with Dolmades and Stuffed Capsicums

Roast lamb with dolmades and stuffed capsicums

Article from ARB 4×4.

1.5-2kg boneless lamb leg
280g can dolmades
2 large red or yellow capsicums
1 sachet microwave rice
¼ cup marinated feta
½ cup antipasto mix, roughly chopped
Olive oil
Camp oven

Pour a decent amount of olive oil in the base of your
camp oven (around half a centimetre deep) and place
camp oven on a shovel full of coals with the lid on to
begin preheating.

Meanwhile, remove lamb leg from packaging and
remove any netting or twine. Drain dolmades and
place in opened lamb leg (skin side down), stuffing
them in any crevices. Empty the sachet of microwave
rice into a bowl and mix with feta and antipasto mix.
Slice the top off each capsicum and remove seeds.
Stuff the capsicums with rice mixture, pressing down
firmly, then replace capsicum tops.

Once the oil in the camp oven is hot, carefully place
the lamb leg inside, skin side down and slightly off
centre. Place the capsicums next to the lamb, using
the lamb to wedge them so that they remain upright.
Replace the camp oven lid and shovel some coals on

Cook for three hours, replacing the coals every hour.
The lamb should fall apart with a fork when cooked.

Feeds four hungry campers.

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