Uniden Dashcam – IGo50r


The Uniden IGo50r is a Dashcam which comes with a forward and rear facing camera.  It captures HD 1080p from the front and VGA from the rear simultaneously.  Has a built in parking mode and will wake up to record vibration.

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The IGo50r includes a VGA rear camera, as well as a high quality 1080p front Camera, with built in 2.7 Inch screen.

With an Ultra Wide View of 150 degrees, the iGo50r ensures that all events are recorded. Simply mount the rear camera at the top edge of the window to capture the incidents at the back of your car. 2 Channel Recording enables you to record both front and back of the car simultaneously when you are on the road.

The feature-packed Dash cam is designed for a variety of road users and with a large speedometer display for accurate speed.

What also makes the iGO CAM 50R a great in-car companion is the parking mode feature. This is ideal in shopping centres and parking lots allowing you to record when your car is parked and the engine is switched off, the inbuilt sensor detects sudden vibration which will wake the hibernated Dash Cam and switch it on to start recording for a limited time.