Scrunnel | Hands-Free Funnel for Fuel


The Scrunnel is a hands-free funnel, that screws into your car’s fuel filler neck and is held firmly in place using a locking nut, without the need to hold a generic funnel in place with your hand. It allows you to keep a free hand or use both hands on the jerrycan, ensuring fuel is poured easily and safely, in a controlled manner.

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The Scrunnel has been designed specifically for diesel vehicles for remote refuelling while travelling, off-roading or any other use in areas where extra fuel in jerry cans are needed.The unique design and solid mounting make refuelling a lot easier and, safer to use by just a single person and much much quicker with the Scrunnel’s large fuel intake and more than ample 3.4cm spout that drains fuel into the fuel tank in a fast, steady controlled pour.

Scrunnel is an Accredited Australian Made product and is manufactured in Brisbane, Australia.

The Scrunnel will not fit bayonet style fuel caps as yet.Bayonet style fuel or quarter turn caps as such, are common on Land Cruiser 79 series, utilities with aftermarket tray backs and custom made canopies are often fitted with a bayonet fittings, some European cars may also have a bayonet style fuel cap. ( Please check your vehicles fuel cap is a screw in fuel cap prior to purchase.)

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  1. 5 out of 5

    I have used my Scrunnel, no spillage, no balancing, just screw it in & pour, absolutely brilliant & a must have, especially if refuelling alone, but the fuel flows so quickly.

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