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A number of campsites at Yeeda Station, south of Derby in the Kimberley have had access restricted by the land owners.

The campsites are part of Yeeda Station, a running cattle station that processes up to 55,000 head of cattle per year. Up until recently, the landowners have graciously allowed campers uncontrolled access to a number of quiet, riverside spots.

But this freedom has been abused, with the landowners having to deal with rubbish, opened gates and cut fences. Typically, it’s that minority of 4WDers and campers that have no respect for the land that are causing these problems.

This is from the Yeeda Facebook page:

Yeeda Pastoral Company would like to confirm that Langes, Cuttings & Telegraph Pool are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. However any other areas you would like to access we ask that you could call into Willare Bridge Roadhouse or Broome office to give your details (Name, Phone number, Vehicle Registration) and how long you intend to stay. NO FEES will be charged.

Yeeda Station is a working cattle station and we are trying to get on top of the rubbish, cut fences, killers, equipment theft, vandalism, fires and open gates that we continuously deal with on our property.

Yeeda is private property and we would ask for it to be respected so that we can continue to allow access . We acknowledge that most people do the right thing but some don’t. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Those people who think it’s all fine to camp wherever they please, leave rubbish and trash the place before leaving are ruining it for everyone else. But how do you make the people accountable for their actions?

Instead of closing off those areas, which they are completely able to do, What Yeeda Station is doing is controlling and monitoring the access to these popular camping and fishing spots. You’ll have to report to them and make yourself known before going in, so you can’t hide behind anonymity.

It’s a shame that they are forced to do this, but we have lots of respect for Yeeda Station not simply closing off access completely, and punishing those who did no wrong at the same time.

What do you think? What is the best way to stop problem campers and 4WDers from ruining it for the rest of us?


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Comments 8

  1. What a joke, Here we have hard working station owners allowing free camping on their land and filthy stinking scum abusing the privilege by wrecking these pristine sites. They would be within their rights to close it completely or charge a $500 deposit per site to deter these low life’s

  2. Couldn’t agree more, Ian! It’s disgusting to see how the few who don’t care about anyone else can leave rubbish anywhere, let alone private property generously made available to visitors to their area.

  3. Its disappointing to see lazy people spoiling it for the rest of us. I recently visited a free camp and was disgusted with the piles of toilet paper that people left behind. Everybody goes to the supermarket. Why not take a supermarket bag with you when you go for a squat and put your paper in the bag and drop it in a bin. The other unwritten rule of the bush is, providing there are no fire bans, that you burn your paper after your squat and then cover what you have dumped, preferably in the hole that you have dug before you started. I am not a martyr by any means, but I have started bagging up rubbish that others have left and taking it with our rubbish to the next bin. I plan to visit Yeeda next year and I will ring them ahead of time to ask permission and let them know how long we would like to stay.

  4. I`m an ex farmer,and I know what they are going through.You hit the nail right on the head,totally out of line,and yes,real scum. I wonder if they treat there own home and surroundings the same? We enjoy our travelling,and make sure we clean up as we go,it`s simply respect. I believe a large number of people don`t acknowledge that word. I`d lock it up for a while,then charge at least $200,and inspect the site before returning the money.
    It`s a disrespectful world we live in today. Good luck to you owners.

  5. Yeeda Station, my hats off to you and all the station owners who so graciously allow us campers and 4WD enthusiasts access. I hope the actions of these low lifes does not affect future access – I am coming your way next year. I would be happy to pay a refundable deposit or kick in with some assistance where my city bred abilities wouldn’t embarrass me too much. Mac

  6. This annoys the shit out me,it’s happening every where,great people allowing you to go onto their property and then you abuse that priveledge
    That is also the main reasons you see bush tracks fenced off,the low life go in and rampage the places without any care

  7. Having lived in the area for a number of years and fished the mentioned areas i have witnessed the mess that is left behind. It is very rarely the traveling nomads that leave the mess, it is the locals that live in the area, witnessed this on just about every trip and i fished most weekends weather permitting.

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