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  1. Hi,
    Good to see a practical application..but can you explain hwo you were able to contact Club 4×4 out there..did Telstra coverage extend to your breakdown area ?

  2. Post

    Hi There Pete,

    In Marie and Jeremie’s case they were able to contact us as they had GSM coverage where their breakdown occurred.

    As always, it’s advisable to carry a satellite phone when you know you are going to be venturing into locations where GSM network coverage is unlikely.


  3. Contacting Club 4×4 by satellite phone is only possible if your provider allows calls to 1800 numbers. Mine doesn’t.
    It’s the single point of friction I have with your company: your refusal to provide a landline-based phone number.

  4. Hi
    I have been insured with 4×4 since the beginning. I have never had the misfortune to have to make a claim.
    Hope I never will, this being my 3rd renewal.
    I have to say Im a bit disappointed in the premium rise this time.
    2016….. $1,065.00
    then up 9% to
    then up a whopping 20%
    Next year another rise like this I’m out sorry ,getting out of hand.
    All you drivers out there smarten up you driving and the risks you are taking and the rivers you cross
    I’m one that’s gone next year if the premium goes up and I wont be the only one then just maybe 4×4
    wont be there one day.
    Its Insurance in case something goes wrong.
    Not a get your money back for being a dick head.
    Seems everyone one has to pay for the dick heads that make claims or is it greed from 4×4
    When I rang about the rate increase they said its the claims

    1. Post

      Gday Mark,

      Thanks for the feedback – yes the above increases are pretty commonplace at the moment. Much of this is as a result of claims exposures – some people will get increases much higher than that also. The other side of the coin is a market that is increasing across the board – in order to ensure that one doesn’t attract the poorer risks (who are usually driven purely by premium) as an insurer you need to keep up. If you don’t, the poorer risks will make more claims and eventually require you to increase premiums in multiples to be collecting the right premiums.

      These are cycles in the insurance industry. My suggestion is to shop around and see what you get for the money. It would seem to me like you value the extras and benefits we offer – as you are a ridgy didge 4×4 tourer. Many people who leave don’t appreciate or value of the extra’s – it’s quite simply a purchase decision.

      Thank you for sticking with us


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