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  1. Hi Jacob. I’m doing what you did, for the same price I’m paying my current insurance i get Alot more from 4×4 insurance, plus it make me feel way safer when I know my rig is covered.

  2. You publish a lot of “front end” stories which show you may have a good product. The real test for any insurer is at claim time. Many like me have never had a claim but in 4wd circles the tales of woe that eminate regarding denied or reduced claims abound. Do you have verified testimonial evidence regarding serious claims eg. Drowned4x4 on a beach which would show the extra expense of your policies is warranted?

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  3. I too would like to see some proof as mr Henderson has stated. As i have just gone through hell with a burnt vehicle and am considering your company as my next insurer. Thankyou.

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