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  1. Ian Melville

    I recently changed to Club 4×4 from CIL Insurance. … $300 cheaper for my Active Camper slide-on. On thing that I discovered during my research was that I could not find insurance that was specifically for slide -ons…sure a category on their own considering the configuration. Something to consider.

  2. Wynne Henderson

    Hi Ian, I’m considering a slide on. Did you get Club 4×4 to insure factory extras on the slide on as well? Cost of insurance? What about your ute?
    Regards Wynne Henderson

    1. Post

      Hi Mark,

      That’s correct. If you’ve sold up all your worldly possessions including HQ and living in the van for an undefined period then you are not covered under our policy.


    1. Chantal

      Hi Andy, we would encourage you to understand our cover in as much detail as possible to ensure you make the right decision for your needs. You can read more on the Club 4X4 difference here: https://www.club4x4.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/The-Club-4X4-Difference.pdf.

      We believe our product stands on its own as Australia’s premier off-road touring insurance coverage. If you are the type of 4-wheel driver who wouldn’t buy the cheapest accessories for their fourby, then why would you choose the cheapest insurance to cover your investment.

      1. Dana

        Hi Chantal,
        my grandmother use to say “I’m not a wealthy person, so I can’t afford to buy a cheep thinks”
        And by the way, a specially with 4WD insurance you get what you pay for.

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