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  1. Rob zadow

    Please let us know in due course how your rating level issue turns out. Seems like really great service to date. Thanks for your input.

    1. Kalen

      Hi Rob,

      We don’t actually operating with a no claim bonus rating. When we originally put the product together we surveyed the market and found that the concept of a no claim bonus wasn’t as meaningful as it used to be. it was too easy to get one and often the discount didn’t reflect the % quoted.

      We simply take your claims history and calculate premium based on that. So when you do make a claim, it is added to the policy and upon renewal you will likely see an increase in premium.


  2. Carey Petrovic

    Hi Warren , I returned from a trip to Fraser Island a couple of weeks ago and had the same thing happen to me on a wash out.
    I just couldn’t see the washout until the last moment and suddenly I bottomed out with a large bang.
    I really didn’t think much of it until until I read your post .
    Hopefully I don’t have that problem but I will get my suspension checked out .

  3. Miss L

    Did they re-insure you the following year? I’ve heard once you make a claim they cancel your insurance at next renewal, and the reason is “Claims History”.

    1. Kalen

      Miss L,

      There is a lot of incorrect information being perpetrated in the market by individuals why have gone through an experience that is specific to their particular circumstances.

      Anyone who understands our product, knows that we are offering a whole lot more than ANY other insurer on the market. What we are offering is tailored to those of us who enjoy going off-road – a fantastic hobby, but one that comes with inherent risk to start with. In order for us to provide this sort of coverage, we need to have strict guidelines.

      Now, when you get a quote with Club 4X4, like any insurer, you get asked a set of questions.

      1) If you don’t answer those questions completely and factually, your claim will likely be denied. This is not breaking news, and it certainly isn’t out of the ordinary in the general insurance market. When we ask you questions, these questions guide us to determine whether we will insure you or not, and if we will, it will guide the premium we can offer you. You wouldn’t lie when going into any other type of contract would you?
      2) If for example, you had had 4 claims – and our threshold where we would no longer offer you insurance was 4; if you then had a claim with us, you would then no longer be eligible to insure with us. It’s that simple and again, this is not specific to us, all insurers have these guidelines!

      It always pays to give us a call rather than believe every sensationalist post on social media – as there is always another side to the story that we often cannot respond too. We have a Customer Satisfaction NPS result for claims management that is over 10 times better than the nearest general insurer, we have tens of thousands of customers and have managed thousand of claims and we are growing every day.

      97% of our customers are renewing and we will always be focussed on serving the 4×4 enthusiast with the best products and service! It is regrettable that some people will not be happy with the service they get, but it is all circumstantial!

      Hope that helps


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