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  1. Complete opposite to my experience with them. 10 weeks from accident to payout. Claims section is not open 24/7 so have your incident during business hours & never on a long weekend.

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      John – happy to take a look at your claim if you like – please send over your claim number.

      Also please let me know if you want this discussed here in the open or privately. Lots of different things happen in the process of managing claims and while 10 weeks is a little longer than our average there are always things that happen that delay progress

      I await your response.


  2. Great to hear that you had a win Mick.
    I personally found their claims to be very slow and tardy, never a call to see if I was happy with the job or the process with the claim.
    I certainly felt the pain when my received my next renewal , nearly doubled in 12 months??. Called to ask why and was given a real life fairy tail as to their prices were too cheap .

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  3. So you can be with 4×4 insurance for yrs with no claim then bang you make a claim & they slug you for it next renewell that’s great !!

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      John –

      If you’ve had a claim on your policy, the premium unfortunately does go up the year after.

      Frustrating but pretty common.


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