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  1. I have tried to contact your company 3 times in the last week and have left 2 call back messages but no one gets back to me. It might be nice to have someone like Pat as your answering service but there is not much point in it if you don’t answer the phone. Please improve your service as I have current policies with you but will think twice when they come up for renewal.

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  2. Well I feel the honeymoon period is drawing to an end
    I have left messages for online quote to be returned…no return calls I am told different quotes from online to phone and to multiple policy holders….hm
    Requested details on policy expiry – only got a reply after complaining re lack of communication/service
    My new policy for ford ranger compared to others that also provide agreed value and choice of repairer is higher than competitors – significantly – come on club 4×4 you are over priced and have lost your competitive edge which is what you originally marketed – to now here that there will be about $4500 for a water claim as an excess – when my policy expires I am going elsewhere – I will get same requirements without a $4500 excess and competitive annual costing. 64 years of age and no claims

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      Sorry to hear of your experience. We are frantically looking to put more people on to cope with the rapidly increasing demand.

      I have said it before and i maintain the view that our product cannot be compared like for like. Whenever a judgement is made on our premiums it means that the product we are offering is assumed to be exactly the same as the competitor.

      To my knowledge no one in the industry offers the following

      1) Off-road recovery cover in every policy
      2) black and white position on geographic coverage – anywhere, gazetted no gazetted and cross country
      3) portable valuables cover in every policy
      4) real sum insured – which actually increases based on the investment you’ve made in modifications
      5) choice of repairer
      6) 12 month subscription to a 4×4 magazine

      I do understand that for some people these things have no value whatsoever. I will respectfully say though that for those people our product is not the right one. A more general insurance product may suit better.


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          If it isn’t on your COI it means you get it at renewal – it was launched earlier this year but applies either on brand new business or for existing policyholders, from the next renewal.


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