Patriot Campers’ 6×6 Land Cruiser 79 Series review

IF YOU thought Patriot Campers couldn’t one-up itself, you thought wrong.

The high bar it set with its ‘Black Truck’ LC79 has skyrocketed with the revelation of the Patriot Camper 6×6 Land Cruiser 79 Series.

In conjunction with some of the leading businesses in the Australian 4×4 industry, Patriot Campers has turned a 2017 Land Cruiser 79 GXL into the ultimate 500hp tourer.

The 6×6 utilises a JMACX 6×6 kit designed and engineered to work with up to 35-inch tyres. However, like most aspects of the build, Justin took it to the next level and fitted 37-inch Mickey Thompson MTZs.

In fact, basically every part of the LC79 has been modified. “The only thing on this truck that is still Toyota is probably the cab,” Patriots owner, Justin Montesalvo, told us.

Key mods include: airbags supplied by Airbag Man, JMACX rear diff housings, Marks 4WD portal hubs, GSL Fabrication 100% kit, TJM intake snorkel, five-inch stainless steel exhaust stacks and an NPC clutch. Watch the video for a full list of custom work.


The insane 6×6 premiered at the Melbourne 4×4 Show back in August – and we were the first to drive it not long after the event, where it had just 400km on the odo.


Article from 4×4 Australia Click through for the video

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