Off-Road Recovery Cover

Up to $1,500.00 included with every 4X4 policy to help cover the cost of an off-road recovery if you get bogged, break down, bust one too many tyres.  It is designed to help get you back to the nearest town where you can get help.

If you have an accident or some other kind of insured event under your insurance policy, and your insurer covers you off-road, your vehicle will get recovered and towed to a repairer.  But what if your vehicle gets bogged and you can't self recover, breaks down, or you bust one too many tyres and need help and you are off-road?

Every 4X4 policy at Club 4X4 automatically comes with up to $1,500.00 of Off-Road Recovery cover for these sorts of situations, which can be used to recover you to the nearest town where you can get help, up to the limit of cover selected.  This can be increased to either $15,000 or $30,000 for those travelling to really remote locations.  Excesses apply.  There are also clear exclusions and limits - please read the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.