MR 4X4 App Review: FREE for Club 4X4 Customers

Did you know that if you have a Comprehensive 4X4 Insurance policy with Club 4X4, you have access to the MR 4X4 APP?! Now all of us here at Club 4X4 HQ have been enjoying both the TV show and printed copies of Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures Magazine for years, and we were quite sad when we heard the print magazine would be no more, but once we had a closer look, we were amazed at how much more you get out of a subscription to the app! 

How do I access my complimentary subscription as a Club 4X4 customer? 

  • Following your policy purchase, you will receive an email with instructions from to the email address you’ve noted on your Club 4X4 insurance policy 
  • You can access your subscription at Your username is the email address on your Club 4X4 policy

And what can I access through the MR 4X4 app?

The TV Show 

Yes, you can record a series on your TV or set-top box, or even watch it on Ten Play, but there are limits. Through the app, you can stream every single episode, EVER! It’s amazing watching Pat’s kids back then right through to this past season and seeing the different vehicles over the years, and obviously all of the wonderful destinations and tips you get along the way. Sometimes watching a show can be much more enlightening than reading about a destination, so it’s a great supplement to your trip planning, not to mention hours of entertainment from one of the best known and most experienced four-wheel drivers in the country! Another great feature is the ability to cast to a bigger screen through a Google Chromecast or Apple TV. 

The Magazine 

The issue with a printed magazine is that you can’t take a box of magazines with you on a trip. Sure, you can take one, but the rest that were getting delivered to your mailbox whilst you were on a trip either get nicked by your jealous neighbour or sit in a pile until you get to them. The app has every single issue and every single article that’s been written in the Pat Callinan Media stable, EVER! You can swipe through them on the go and stay up to date with the latest issues on the move.  

Information Guides 

The app also houses how-to guides for things like recovery, advanced 4×4 tips and even a cookbook. These guides can be a great supplement to build your skills and even brush up on the go, especially for new four-wheel drivers. We know many Club 4X4 staff love using Pat’s recipes when going bush, especially the desserts that he’s got a real knack for and that speak to the souls of our resident sweet tooths!

Search Function 

Probably the most impressive thing that the app allows is the power to quickly search through all of the above. As an example, one of our team is heading up to the north coast of NSW for a week in Booti Booti National Park. A quick tap of the search button with specific search terms on the region but also ‘beach driving’ netted great search responses, ranging from articles to video clips on the area and through to beach driving tutorials!  

There has quite obviously been a lot of thought put into this app and the search function in particular is what really draws us to it. As 4X4 enthusiasts, we’re always planning a trip, be it a weekender or something a bit longer. There are so many resources out there to help us, but having such a powerhouse of trustworthy information at your fingertips is invaluable. 

The best part is, you get it for FREE with your Club 4X4 Comprehensive 4X4 Insurance policy, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should!

If you have any issue with access or any questions, please contact the team at Pat Callinan Media at 

Where can I access the content? 
Download the app on iOS Devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. 
Download the app on any Android device that can access the Google Play Store. 
Visit from any device for all video content. 
Click here on any device for all magazine content.   

I’ve Forgotten my password! 
Click here and enter the email address you received this email at, to recover your password. 

How do I access my account? 
Click here to access your account. 

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Comments 10

  1. I vote – Bring back the magazine!
    A fundament part of getting away is to leave tech behind. Especially for us supporters of this kind of magazine which promotes outback travel and hard to get to places!
    Often, there is no internet service at the types of places this magazine promotes, so when you sit by the campfire, put your feet up and try to read your on line app, you cant! Unless you downloaded it before your trip. We recently spent 4 weeks outback SA with no phone service for the majority of the trip.

    Reading the app on the phone requires zooming in on each page which becomes very frustrating for us vision challenged Oldies. (Im only early 50’s, but I feel old when I cant read the magazine on the phone!)

    So, I agree the app has many great features, but I just don’t want to look at my phone after a busy day at work!
    I would much prefer to have a magazine to relax into on the weekend, or when we are up the bush by the campfire.

    1. Hey Shayne do not know how long you have been reading the magazine for , I was just about an original subscriber, and won a lot of good prizes (thanks Pat those where the days) but I cancelled my subscription a few years ago ,it had lost the plot ,
      I went through a magazine one day and there was hardly any content ,mostly adds and a lot of old stuff, looks like others subscribers have gone the same way.
      As I said to Pat a long time ago do not let the big end of town get hold of you, but? you notice even the TV has changed due to sponsors, it has gone the same way as the magazine not a lot of adventure there these days, just a lot of promos, hardly worth a watch unless you want see a Ford doing things a reasonable 4WDer would never do to a track. notice lately you very rarely see the Ford bodged ,it is usually another brand? guess Ford have a director there all the time? just saying.
      I agree with you the old magazines you could take with you to use the map and check out the destination, think a big problem today we old folk who can read, are not the ones the sponsors want? we are to smart, and know how to drive without all the crap. 🙂

      1. Post

        Hi Alan,

        We do moderate comments as at times bots can put up offensive activity, links etc. in our comments. Some of your comment were also over the weekend so our apologies.

        We’ve now approved all your comments and will forward your thoughts to Pat Callinan Media.


  2. Shayne, I agree with you 100%.

    I have just sent an email to Pat Callinan Media regarding not being able to load their app onto a PC to read their magazines. As a 73 year old, I also cannot stand having to read articles on my smartphone (if I had reception where camped) and plus, I would prefer to reserve my battery for emergency communications if necessary.

    I am with you Shayne, bring back the hard copies of the magazines for us oldies. If the young ones want to spend all their time on their phones, fine, but don’t forget there are many of us grey nomads out there that would appreciate the hard copy magazine.

    Not being able to load the app onto a PC, diminishes the value of my policy with Club 4×4 as I do not get access to these magazines which are part of their policy.

    1. Hey Guys glad to see I am not the only cranky old bloke who 4WD’s 75 shortly and still getting out there, personally the magazine does not interest me anymore as I said I cancelled a while ago. good luck with getting back in print, lot cheaper to do it by computer once you write an article just load and away it goes, no printing or distribution costs, and remember these days profit is everything, service is not. remember the word service? I try to explain it to my Great Grand Kids so they understand what it was.

  3. Hi All,
    Thank you for the new app. It will be very helpful.
    As a long time policy holder I agree with Shane Tolley re magazine publication.
    So many times at my driving rest breaks, whilst the golden girl is attending to domestic favourites I would lounge around my eyes would scan the magazine as a break from driving.
    Please bring the magazine back.
    Andre Podgorski

  4. I agree with “bring back the Mag”. Very difficult to read on a phone or tablet when reception is not available out in the bush, or when valuable battery life is low.
    It is also very easy to put down and pick up when convenient.

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