The Lost City – Lost No Longer

During September, 2017, a motley group of diehard 4wd & DIY enthusiasts met at Zig Zag railway to kick off the long-awaited signage installation component of the Lithgow Tourist Trails Project.

The project has been over 2 years in the making after a local 4wder approached the NSW & ACT 4wd Association for help. The project is primarily focused on improving the 4wd tourist experience on the Newnes Plateau, reducing the incidence of lost travellers, and people inadvertently driving down the wrong trail. The plateau is ridden with trails created by bikes and wayward 4wders, and has no signage to get to the main points of interest (POIs) such as Lost City, Birds Rock, Ranger Bobs Trail, Deep Pass, etc. The NSW & ACT 4wd Association through the Shooters and Fishers Party and supported by the National Party was successful in approaching the Dept of Primary Industries to secure funding for the project.

lithgow 1

About 40% of the planned signs have now been installed with more to come in the next few months Signs indicating “Lost City” and the “Hands Trail”, amongst others have been installed. More signs indicating the way back to Lithgow and other exits will be installed in the next phase.

Rob Knight, a member of Lithgow 4×4, who initiated the project is keen to see the tourist experience improve in the very popular off road area, and that there will be economic and environmental benefits to the whole region because of the project.  “It’s important that we have end to end” signage along the main tracks up there and remove some of the confusion for drivers as to which are the main tracks and which are dead ends”.

lithgow 2

The project aims to generate a small series of new mud maps of the area providing information for drivers going to and coming from Lithgow and Zig Zag. The popular points of interest on the plateau will be highlighted. The maps will be available to the public in due course with the assistance of the Department of Primary Industries.

It’s important for people to know that the new signage on the Newnes Plateau is put up by volunteer 4wders with input from the government and traditional land owners who are working for the benefit of the whole community. The logo on the signs is that of the NSW & ACT 4WD organisation, a not for profit organisation run by volunteers, who work for the benefit of the 4wd community. (

lithgow 4

Watch the video below and learn more about the NSW & ACT 4WD Association.

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Comments 6

  1. What a brilliant goal and another destination to put on the list of places to explore – your group should be proud of their efforts.

  2. well done , great idea, always a fear with a number of areas with poor signage, allows many others without full map reading skills to venture out

  3. having visited the area a few times, and being a little nervous about directions etc, this is a great step forward in enabling less experienced 4WD’ers the opportunity for a little adventure in such a beautiful area. I can now confidently recommend to friends.

  4. Well done to each and everyone who contributed to this project. You are making very happy campers, and four wheel drivers of course.

  5. We tried twice in October to reach the lost city all the way from Brisbane camping in Newnes.So well done to the volunteers who put up signs. The picnic grounds were so full of bags of rubbish at the cross roads,we were shocked.

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