Is Diesel Dead?

We talk to Robert Pepper about the future of Diesel engines in 4 wheel drives.  My last 3 4WDs have had diesel engines and I have loved the economy and reliability of diesels.

Vehicle emissions have become increasingly under the microscope as people become more aware of the effects on the environment.  Whilst the fuel economy of diesel has been great (my old Patriot was getting 6.5 liters / 100km) the emissions are a lot dirtier.

The United States has never really embraced diesels, nor has the Middle East, but diesels are very popular in Europe.

We talk about the Common Rail Diesel design, and how that works.

We look at some of the ways that engine designers have tried to make diesel engines more environmentally friendly.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation, whereby some of the exhaust gas and how it works to decrease Nitrogen Oxide emissions.

Diesel Particulate Filters and how they work.

AdBlue, one type of Selective Catalytics Reduction.  We look at how this works, and more importantly, what happens if you run out of Ad Blue when you are out bush.

We talk about Dieselgate, where VW and a number of other vehicle manufacturers built software to decrease performance.

What will the introduction of Euro 6 mean for Australian vehicles?  New cars sold in Australia after July 2018 will have to meet Euro 6 and the Ford Explorer already has AdBlue fitted.

There have been a lot of developments with petrol engines, although petrol is probably on the way out as well.

In the UK, they are banning the sale of new petrol cars in 2040 and Volvo will drop Petrol and Diesel cars after 2019, so the writing is on the wall.

A big shout out to Robert Pepper from Practical Motoring 4×4, for doing all of the research for this podcast.  Always very knowledge to talk to.

This is a sad development for fans of the big oiler engines, it will be interesting to see what an electric 4 wheel drive will be like off road.

Article from 4X4Earth

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  1. Diesels are environmentally better than petrol aren’t they? Just more carcinogenic. And if they lifted the restrictions a bit they’d be more reliable again and therefore more environmentally friendly as car production and initial freight is their biggest carbon footprint aren’t they?

  2. I am a diesel fan till I die and for certain I won’t buy a VW 4×4 or any other who consider decreasing the performance of the Diesel engines under their hoods. If necessary I will open a Diesel only shop and build my own and customers preferred Diesel engines. I think it would be appropriate if the other companies are named so enthusiasts will know who to avoid. Aussies are pissed off enough without more foreign intervention into one of our favourite pastimes. As for electric 4×4 – Pfffffft, I can’t say what I should. Also, Good on your tomes.

  3. Sick and tired off Australia following the rest of the world – USA pays us 2.50 per gallon petrol – 4.5 litres of petrol, in Australia it is 1.42 dollars per litre. So there is a huge price difference caused by greedy petrol companies and government – Australia is a big country and electric power is not reliable for off road – ie middle of Australia, far north or WA – so as our car manufacturers no longer exist – Australian Governments have a lot to answer for – diesel is needed when off road and using skills and basic mechanics may get you out of trouble but with electric need to be recovered at considerable cost

  4. very interesting i know what i wont be buying. a shame though, great pod cast and i will keep my ear out for more, thank guys

  5. Electric only vehicles… Utterly ridiculous! (I’m a qualified electronic technician, btw.)

    I thought the Volvo move was no PETROL-ONLY cars. i.e. They’ll still make hybrids? Regardless, the first car manufacturer to drop all petrol and diesel cars, will also be the first to go out of business (and good riddance). But that won’t happen – because they will be expecting to suck most of their profits from the teat of the taxpayer, while the ongoing public brainwashing continues until most people want to switch. Meanwhile fuel will steadily become so expensive you’ll have no choice.

    How exactly do they plan for us to charge these vehicles if going on a family holiday from VIC or NSW to QLD – and then the same thing towing a caravan? (The answer’s pretty obvious. They’re NOT expecting us to be able to do that.) You won’t make it out of your State without recharging, let alone to your destination.

    Are we expected to pay for a hotel every 4-6 hours of driving, to use their power point for 8-12 hours? (Although there are high-speed charging stations, they are also highly-expensive. So they will be extremely scarce, or, you can bet you’ll be paying a premium for a ‘fast charge’.) And imagine the infrastructure required to produce the electricity. Renewables? Don’t be so naive. I’ve worked in a power station. Did you know every coal-fired power station has to be powered up 24/7, ready to produce baseload power? Nuclear instead? First, despite their claims, nuclear is no cleaner than coal for the environment (they hide this inconvenient fact). And second: Because Chernobyl/Fukishima. Think it can’t happen? You must also believe in the tooth fairy. Mistakes ALWAYS happen. We just don’t hear about most of them.

    This electric-only foolishness is due to the many iterations through the decades, of the fairy story for adults – the latest name change being: ‘climate change’ – each one of which has been disproven, at which time they dream up a new threat.

    The Middle East for example is having some of the coolest temperatures on record – so much for global warming. Such proofs are why they changed ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’: Because the planet itself proves them to be irrational, lying, fear-mongers. (Watch Al Gore’s first ‘documentary’ of twaddle and take note: Not ONE of his claims has even remotely come to pass.)

    Even the mathematics has been proven false. Apart from the fact they manipulate temperatures to appear higher over time, they’ve also been using a mathematical constant from day one in all their formulae that contains an error – and once that error is corrected, their temps and predictions all show virtually zero change over the entire span of recorded history!

    Make no mistake, electric-only vehicles is nothing to do with the environment – it’s about controlling the masses. First step is old-fashioned propaganda ala Hitler style, who said: Keep repeating a lie and it becomes truth in people’s minds. Final step is world governments want people to mainly remain in the same small area for most of our lives. Like mice running in a spinning wheel. There will be a series of small steps along this path to ‘boil us frogs’, the final goal being most (or all) vehicles owned by The State – where we pay an additional tax to rent them.

    Regardless if you agree/believe the same – know this:

    If you want the option to go when, and where, YOU decide; be able to modify, service, or repair your own vehicle where possible without paying $$$ for a highly-specialised electronic or electrical engineer to sign off on it; or just retain the ability to drive without stopping every few hours to recharge (or getting stuck in the bush because no recharge station exists – and avoiding all remote locations because no-one there has the expertise to find, let alone diagnose, an $10 fuse); and want the choice of petrol and diesel vehicles… the solution is simple:

    REFUSE TO BUY THEM. Vehicle manufacturers, employees, car dealers, petrol stations, YOU…. We’ll all either close up shop, lose ours jobs, lose our freedoms/choices – or – we stand our ground which will force government to stop turning fairy tales into policy.

  6. In the UK, they are banning the sale of new petrol cars in 2040 and Volvo will drop Petrol and Diesel cars after 2019, so the writing is on the wall.

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