“Yeah I’ve heard of Club 4X4, but do they pay out?”

The 4WD community are a passionate bunch – whether it’s on forums, at shows or around the campfire, everyone actively engages in conversations (or debates) about anything and everything to do with their pride and joy. We always have people calling up saying they heard about our “mob” from a mate and want to know how they can get all of their mods covered too! Usually once someone has been through a phone call with one of our enthusiasts and has gotten comfortable that what we are offering is real, we get a bunch of thank you noted and emails about the experience. Anyone who follows our social media or gets our weekly email newsletter will see scores of testimonials from people who have recently insured with us.

Comments and thoughts on these testimonials can range from agreement right through to “yeah yeah that’s fantastic, but how does Club 4X4 look after you when you make a claim!?” As the law of averages dictates – we are bound to have more sales reviews than claims reviews based on the simple fact that most people are lucky enough to not have a claim!

However, we have decided to put a few of our hot-off-the-press claims reviews below to give you an idea of how the tailored features and benefits of our policy can come to your aid when you’re on or off-road. Click on the images to find out more.


“I was recently driving down the coast on Fraser island and completely missed seeing a wash out, it was an awfully big bump.”


“I contacted a workshop in Broome and they recommended that I not drive the distance in low range, for fear of damaging the transmission.They arranged a tow truck. It was a long job along the infamous Cape Levique Rd.  I had no option.”


“We got a tow back to Innamincka and spent the next six days there only to be told by the local mechanic that he could not help us.”

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  1. I recently had to make a claim when my father crashed my Patrol. From the first phone call to getting my repaired car back it was as easy and as painless as an insurance claim can be. It only took a couple of phone calls and a couple of emails and it was sorted which as an interstate truck driver who doesn’t have a lot of time to take care of things like this was a breath of fresh air. I would highly recommend Club 4×4 to anyone.

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  2. Earlier this year I put in a claim with Club4x4 and was very happy with the end result with the car being repaired promptly and with new parts . I actually have had more issues with a previous mainstream insurance provider .

  3. Late last year I lodged a claim which was quite complex involving damage to our vehicle that required a lot of technical evaluation. We were stuck in Darwin during the buildup to the wet season. Thanks to the very prompt service from Club 4×4 we were able to resume our extended trip around Aus.


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