Getting old doesn’t have to be a drag!

Over the weekend we reached another milestone… our 2nd birthday! It wasn’t that long ago we were putting the final touches on systems, PDS’, websites and processes. Well, it’s been a ripper of a ride so far – check out what we’ve achieved

Club4x4 Infographics EDM


If you’re reading this, you have probably now heard all about the features and benefits that we offer as part of our vehicle and camper products, so I won’t labour on that. The reality of our success is you! Engagement with the 4WD community and getting out there to interact with our customers has not only been tremendously rewarding for us, but has meant we’ve been able to share the message personally.

Over the last two years we have attended the Big Red Bash, the Man from Snowy River Festival, the Toyota Landcruiser Club Willowglen Challenge, driven to the top of Mount Pinnibar (Kosciusko didn’t happen!) with Hope Street to raise money for the homeless and attended a range of 4WD and caravan shows right across the nation. On the subject of shows, the Sydney 4WD and Adventure Show was the very event that we launched at back in 2015 and ensures we remember our anniversary every year!

4bie show

As we have done for previous shows, we used our MobileHQGU as our active display stand, with the intent of demonstrating the modifications and accessories most commonly completed by our customers and the effect these can have on your insurance policy. This year Graeme joined me as we set up our MobileHQGU, which was sporting a few new additions. We added a modular rear fitout by Ashwood Timber to house our Waeco CFX 65L fridge/freezer by Dometic, and also added the Darche Eclipse 270 Awning to ensure a bit more protection from the elements.


This being our third time at the Sydney show, it was great to see the increase in customers that come up for a chat, just to let us know they are happy members of the club; a truly humbling experience. As you may be aware, we offer 4WD clubs the opportunity to enter into a partnership with us that enables all members to receive a discount on their insurance, so we caught up with old friends and had a few new clubs come over for a yarn and to find out how they may take advantage of the offer.

As special as the last 2 years has been for us, our desire to be THE insurer for the 4X4 enthusiast has only intensified with each day that passes. In the coming weeks, months and years we will be adding to our range of benefits and services as well as offering money-can’t-buy experiences that will have you itching to be a part of. So make sure you stay tuned into these here pages to find out what our next big thing is! Until then, come and see us this weekend at the Adelaide Showground for the Adelaide 4WD & Adventure Show and have a chat to myself and Grant, we might even give you a cheeky show special for your troubles!

See you there.

Cheers, Jackson.

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  1. Odd that there is mud over the vehicle but the wheels are shiny spotless ??? Must be a different type of mud to what we get in NT

    1. Post

      hahahah – Garth we get that a lot. The GU is wrapped in vinyl wrap. But don’t worry, it was plenty muddy a few days before the show!

    1. Post

      Hi Clyde – that doesn’t sound right at all. If you were quoting online, please give us a call on 1800 CLUB 4X4 8-7 Monday to Friday and 9-midday Saturday and Sunday

  2. Jackson just a question on the Darche eclipse 270? Does the fitting of it interfere with the top rail of the roof rack please? I have a ARB roof rack and was considering attaching one of those to it. What do you suggest?


    1. Post

      Hi Barry,

      We have the ARB half rack because we also have the roof top tent.

      We found that it interfered slightly with the upright at the leading edge of the rack where the ARB sticker is placed because it bulged out slightly. We needed to get a longer bolt to be able to have it on appropriately. That was the only place where it fouled but other than that it was a pretty easy fit.


    1. Post

      Hi Brett,

      If your vehicle suffers damage as a result of contaminated fuel and it is proven to be the case then yes – you will be covered!


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