Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Jars

Recipe from ARB 4×4 Accessories.


4 tbsp butter, melted
1 packet choc ripple biscuits
2 blocks cream cheese (room temperature)
¾ cup condensed milk
Pack of Oreo biscuits


Place the choc ripple biscuits into a large zip lock bag
or clean tea towel and crush to a crumb. Mix in the
melted butter.

Place the cream cheese and condensed milk in a
bowl and whisk until smooth (does take a little elbow

Place the choc biscuit crumb into a jar, mug or bowl
and press down to compress to a one-centimetre
thick base. The size of your receptacle will determine
how many cheesecakes you end up with but we
found we made eight small ¾-cup jar cheesecakes
from this recipe.

Portion out your cheesecake mixture between your
jars and top with crumbled Oreo biscuits.

Place in fridge for two hours, then serve.

Feeds four to eight campers (depending on serving

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