Come and see us at the Perth 4WD & Adventure Show

This is the big one, set at McCallum park right by the sparkling Swan River, the Perth 4WD & Adventure show is back and we will be there again right near the Engel stage!

So if you’re looking for one of the biggest, most comprehensive displays of camping, caravaning, outdoors and 4wding you will ever see, head on down to the show and make sure you swing past and say hello to Jackson and Karly.

Click here for more information on the show


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  1. Just a thought for an extra benefit for members.
    RAC in Western Australia give members a whopping 50% discount on National Parks passes in WA and similar in other states.
    We all buy 4wd and set them up to enjoy the outdoors and most of the good places are within Australia’s National Parks.
    Tell me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t it make sense for Club 4×4 to offer these same discounts for Park passes?
    Also, why not negotiate a discount on Overnight Camping Fees in our National Parks too?
    It would be easy to regulate, put simply, if your vehicle isn’t displaying a nationally recognised Club 4×4 National Parks and Camping sticker on the windscreen then your haven’t bought the discounted passes.
    Lets be honest, those of us that truly love the outdoors and respect what we are blessed with to enjoy would quite happily buy these discounted passes.
    I would be interested to hear other peoples thoughts on this.
    Eventually, we might all be able to create some kind of national network for National Park access, Camping access in National Parks and discounts at Tourist / Caravan Parks around Australia.

    1. Post

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