Club 4X4 Christmas Offers – buy policies and get free gifts!

If this doesn’t excite you then we don’t know what will! While stocks last, everytime you buy a policy we are giving away some awesome gear to help you enjoy the great outdoors this Christmas season.

Buy one policy, choose from the Bushranger Deflator or the Coleman Headlamp, buy two policies at once, get the awesome Rescue Swag or the Narva See Ezy Lithium Inspection light!

So aside from getting the most comprehensive off-road coverage in Australia, you get a gift that you can use as a four wheel driver!

Does your current insurer even know what a deflator is!!


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  1. Hi I’m just reading through this email and was wondering why I didn’t get offered a gift when I renewed my policy in December ? , have a great2018 ?

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