Club 4X4 2017 Crash Index

Being a specialist insurance provider can be very rewarding, but also challenging at times. Club 4X4 differs to your every-day general insurer in every way. From our product offering, staffing and service levels right down to where you will see us on a weekend. Ultimately though, we are the same in that we make a promise to be there for you when things go wrong.

The reality is that the product that we have come to the market with can be quite a risky one; traversing on roads where stability is reduced, in vehicles that we insure for a whole lot more than what the market would value them at means potentially significant losses. This is why you will often find that our premiums are a little higher than the competition; and i haven’t even mentioned our bespoke benefits like Off Road Recovery Cover and Australia Wide Personal effects coverage yet!

What this means is that we have become the experts in how, when and where 4X4 vehicles crash. Hardly a glamorous title, but one that can be used to collect and provide further education and information to the market. Even more importantly, data and information that we can use into the future to lobby various government bodies for positive legislative change.

For now, we wanted to share with you all a snapshot of our claims experience over the last couple of years.  From next week onwards, we will also start to unpack the common types of claims and provide some pointers on how to prevent some of these common incidents and perhaps more importantly, having to potentially end your holiday with your rig on the back of a tow truck.



At a high level, most of what we’ve depicted above is pretty unremarkable. Collisions form the largest component of claims and there is a liberal smattering of the various other claim types to compliment. What is interesting in Club 4X4’s portfolio is representation of Single Vehicle Incidents. These include a large representation of water ingress resulting from failed crossing attempts; damage on  slippery tracks and other damage caused on the dirt.

It seems our friends down in Victoria are leading the way when it comes to claims. Not surprising at all given that Victoria forms our largest representation of policyholders; and why not with that glorious High Country to explore! Not ones to miss out, NSW follows the charge with QLD bringing up the rear with the rest of the country following suit.

Stay tuned for next week as we begin to delve further into some of the most common claims and how to prevent them!

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    1. I would like that breakdown also Greg, can club 4×4 provide these stats, i,ll bet off road claims would be minimal, but that is what we insure with club 4×4 for.

      1. Post


        Unfortunately we wont be going into that level of detail as much of this information is commercial and may give away a little too much to competitors.

        Safe to say though that as per the article, single vehicle incidents are our biggest registered claim type and the majority of these claims are off-road. We feel this is proportional to usage (ie on road vs off road).


  1. Do you have a break down of how many policies you have against how many claims.
    Does this mean all policies will no go up?

    1. Post

      Hi Stuart,

      We do, but we’re conscious our customers aren’t the only one who will be looking at this article 🙂

      There may be some targeted increases in some areas and also some adjustments to policy, but largely this is about providing further education to try and improve claim rates as well as ensuring sustainability.


  2. Do you have any stats on the Animal Strikes and looking at the value of the claim for those with/without bull bars?

    Would be interesting if there was a way of tracking near misses, ie incidents that didn’t result in a claim because a particular accessory was fitted or not? eg Bull Bars/Animal Strikes, Driving Lights/Night Time incidents, Driver Training/Any Incident (I know you already offer a discount here).


    1. Post

      Great idea Matt,

      This is where this data is going to prove useful from a lobbying perspective into the future. We will look into this, but i would imagine the proportion of vehicles in our portfolio with frontal protection would be over 95%



    2. I agree Matt, love to know to cost benefit for a bull bar, the purchase and fitting, extra fuel to push it, wear and tare on the suspension, reduction in load carrying ability and not to mention the carnage done to pedestrians which get hit by them. and then if you do hit a roo there is a good chance the bar will need replacing as well?
      In my 40 years of driving one roo has made contact with my car, a glancing blow with no damage was the result. There have been plenty of near misses mind you including one monster 2m tall and about 200kg, if we’d hit him regardless of the bull bar, the rodeo would have been a write-off.
      My current vehicle has no bar work and I’ll take my chances me thinks.
      Thanks club 4×4 for sharing this data.

      That patrol? in the pic above is a mess, can’t imagine walking out of that, all my best wishes to the occupants.

  3. Hi

    Perhaps your claims per state graph should be weighted against number of policies per state to provide a more useful indication as to which state presents more problems to 4wders.


  4. What about % of customers in each state
    Ie vic and nsw have the higest clame by state
    But if they have the higest customer base that % would be lower basses on customers

    1. Post

      Hi John,

      Funnily enough the representation correlates at the moment. Like the article states, Victoria leads in claims, as expected because it has the highest representation of policyholders.


  5. I did not have a good experience with claims recently. A pretty simple accident involving no injury or other car but took 4 weeks for claim to be approved. I am not happy with that kind of service

    1. Post

      Hi Geraldine,

      We’ve take a look at your claim and can see it went from lodgement to approval between the 6th of November to the 17th of November. This is 11 days and was contingent on information that we were awaiting from yourself.

      We’re always happy to take feedback but in this case it did not take a month to approve your claim.


  6. I’ve been with Club 4×4 for a year on my 200 series. Can’t comment on claims because haven’t had an accident thankfully. What I can comment on is my premium renewel which I just got sent via email.

    As I do with any insurer I looked at what the new premium is compared to the one I paid last year…. expecting the usual price gouge that gets applied forcing me to shop it around, beg for a discount and still get whacked with a hefty increase but with slightly less pain once discount applied.

    So did my premium increase this year with Club 4×4? Yep, by 300 cents… thats right… a $3.00 increase on a premium that is well over $1,000. That has literally never happened before. An insurer that actually rewards an existing customer by not price gouging them on the renewal hoping they don’t notice and just automatically renew. That’s the kind of decent service that engenders customer loyalty in the long term not just a quick win in the short term.

    Again, can’t comment on claims but on pricing, these guys are decent people who don’t treat their customers like fools. At least not this customer anyway.

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  8. Hi,

    Do the stats reflect where the accident occurred or the state the policy owner lives in. The sort by location of accident may provide drivers with a different risk profile and take more care when in those areas.

    Also the ‘claims by state’ could be normalized by using a % of claims/policy holders. This will give a common ground for each state.

    1. Post

      Hi Bill,

      The stats you see here are based on state of vehicle registration.

      We have certainly conducted weighted averages in the office – we did keep things simple for outward comms.


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  11. I’d rather see claims per policy holder. Would tell us whether there are any interesting differences between states

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