Bosch Putting Safety First

Avoid this happening to you on your next trip.

Known to be right at the forefront of innovative new vehicle technology, Bosch Australia is proudly showcasing something we have all been waiting for- an innovative trailer safety system.

Due for release in early 2018, this system is something everyone with a caravan or trailer needs to invest in if safety is paramount on your journey. Combining “on-trailer” ABS (anti-lock braking) and sway mitigation, Bosch is eliminating the risk of trailers spinning widely to the side and having the wheels lock- all in all, preventing potential accidents and carnage.


If you have experienced towing a caravan or trailer and felt a loss of control, or perhaps have been following one and you’ve noticed the caravan in front of you has started to sway, you would understand the anxiety one develops in case of a potential hazard. It is no shock to know that trailers can become quite unstable and can cause accidents- with 30% of caravan accident claims being a result of oversteering, fishtailing and difficult driving hazards, so why haven’t we looked further into this?

With the potential to reduce the number of trailer-related accidents by 45%, the incorporation of ABS and sway mitigation will aid caravans and trailers with electric brakes to prevent accidents, as well as taking the stress out of towing. This is the first active safety system that compromises an Electric Control Unit (ECU) with integrated motion and wheel speed sensors mounted to the chassis of the trailer; determining the movement of the trailer and speed of each wheel respectively.


Mark Jackman, the head of Bosch Australia’s Vehicle Safety Division explains, “Our extensive vehicle safety systems experience is carried over into the Trailer Safety Control system, making it a system you can rely on.”

Eliminate the stress out of your journey before you reach the destination.

Article from Caravan Industry News

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  1. How is this different to the AlKo ESC? They have had the stability control for caravans/trailers available for at least a year, and it’s Aussie made!

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