Club 4X4 Launches at The 2015 4WD & Adventure Shows

After months of preparation and careful planning, it was hard to believe we were finally ready to launch our brand new, tailor made insurance product.

Club 4×4 was born because every other form of motoring enthusiasm was catered for; be it classics and vintage, modified and even motorbikes. What no one did was understand and cater for the needs of the Off Road touring enthusiast!

And what better place to go live and launch our product than at The 4WD and Adventure show circuit.

First stop Sydney!

Ready to talk about our brand new product and hand out some showbags!

The Club 4X4 Patrol almost didn’t make it there! Final modifications and our intricate vinyl wrap were completed (thanks to Mark at Digitlfx Emu Plains for working overnight to get it done!) and the car delivered just after lunchtime on set-up day!

“Club 4X4 was born because every other form of motoring enthusiasm was catered for… What no one did was understand and cater for the need of the Off Road touring enthusiast”

Our special guest Pat Callinan makes a couple of fans happy with a photo opportunity!

Despite the heat, the Sydney 4WD and Adventure show will always be near to our hearts. It was the first time we showed off our brand and discussed the products we had laboured over. So with much wind in our sails we turned our focus over to Adelaide!

Being an indoor show, Adelaide did provide us with a bit of relief in comparison to Sydney, it also seemed to encouraged more great 4X4 enthusiast’s to come out to the show!

Saturday in particular was a huge day with plenty of great conversation. The looks on everyone’s faces when we would describe things like our Off-Road coverage and our position on modifications never got old!

Jackson running a customer through a quote

Kalen on the Engel stage with Ernie Dingo talking about the Club 4×4 Difference

Ahh Perth, our final stop as part of the launch of Club 4×4.

We were told this would be the biggest show of the circuit and we have to say it lived up to the hype!

Looking at the weather forecast for the Friday caused us some initial concern, but sure enough right from 9am Mccallum Park was packed!. What amazed us was that the rain bothered no one! at one point we had 2 groups of 3 people in our marquee having a rest on our couches while the rain cleared! Perth you guys rock!

“We were told Perth would be the biggest show of the circuit and it lived up to the hype!”

As the sun set on the final day of the Perth show we reflected on what we had done over the last 3 weeks. We had launched a brand and got some great feedback from 4×4 enthusiasts across the country. Finally there was a product that was designed to suit those of us who prefer our tyres dusty and our campfire roaring!

We couldn’t be prouder and happier with the reaction to our launch.

Watch this space because we will be back!

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  1. It’s good to see a company’s insurance cover the basic things that you expect would be covered , then you can upgrade to cover other items to an agreed value! Way to go 4×4!

    1. Thanks very much for the great feedback. We are definitely here to tailor to the off-road enthusiast; a sector of the market that hasn’t been tailored to in the past. But not anymore!

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