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4WD Tracks around Margaret River

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We’ve been through Margaret River plenty of times, but never really spent much time there, up until recently.

I guess a part of the reason was I always thought that there were very limited 4WD tracks in the area. How wrong I was!

Our most recent stay down at Margaret River saw us drive some fantastic little tracks that lead to some of the best beaches we’ve ever been to, along with stunning Karri forrests and amazing wildlife. I’m sure there are heaps of tracks we missed too, especially inland.

Out of everything we’ve done though, these 4WD tracks in South West WA are spectacular, and highly recommended. There’s not many Dunsborough 4WD Tracks, but given how close everything is to each other heading towards Margaret River is easily done as a day trip.

If you are looking for a cheap, awesome place to camp that you can book in advance in the area, look no further – Jarrahdene. Alternatively, on the other side of Margaret River is a fantastic place called Olive Hill Farm.

Margaret River 4WD Tracks
One of many 4WD Tracks in Margaret River

About Margaret River

Margaret River is located just over 3 hours away from Perth, in the south west of WA. It’s extremely well known for surfing, amazing food and wine, massive Karri forests, stunning accommodation and some of the best beaches in Australia.

Margaret River
Where Margaret River meets the ocean

Where’s the 4WD Tracks in Margaret River?


Just north of Margaret River is Kilcarnup Road, which is a short drive past some fantastic properties. The road soon comes to a Tee junction. Take the track to the right, which will take you straight towards the beach, where Joey’s nose is and the Cape to Cape walk track.

This track is sandy, but not difficult at all, and only takes a few minutes to get onto a fantastic beach.

Joeys Nose margaret River
On the beach at Joeys nose
Joeys Nose Margaret River
What a beach, and all to ourselves
Kilcarnup 4WD Tracks
The track out; firm and easy

Point Road

Point Road starts off from Conto Road (where the campsites are) and runs all the way through to the Boranup Forest Drive. It goes right through the middle of the Boranup camp ground. The track is pretty solid, with a few little mud holes in winter, quite a bit of limestone and lots of stunning scenery.

It cuts right through the middle of the stunning karri forrest, and is well worth the drive. The track takes no more than 30 minutes.

Point Road Margaret River
The start of point road
Spectacular Point Road
In the middle of Point Road; spectacular spot
Point Road Camp Ground
Point Road Camp Ground; split in half by the track
Point Road Limestone
There’s quite a bit of limestone around

North Point

North point is accessible off Caves Road, by following a heap of little fire trails. Any reasonable GPS will get you there, to a truly magic set of beaches. There’s a huge rock that protects you from the big swell, and makes it nice and calm in the bays. The 4WD track is pretty easy and sandy, but just watch how narrow some of the fire trails can get!

North Point 4WD Track
Parked at North Point
Enjoying North Point
Truly stunning beach
North Point day trip
The perfect place for a day trip

Boranup forest drive

This is not really a 4WD track, but its worth doing. It’s just a gravel road that travels through the Karri forest, with a lookout at one end and more giant karri trees than you could poke a stick at. It starts and ends on Caves road, covering several kilometres of forest.

Boranup Forest Drive
On the Boranup Forest Drive

Bob’s Track

Bob’s track is a bit more of a challenging track than the others, but still easily within the realms of a stock standard 4WD with a reasonable driver. There’s more rocks and lots of puddles in winter.

The track starts not far north of Bushby Road in Karridale, and meanders through the bush before ending up on Boranup Beach. I’ve actually written a full post on this, which you can check out at Bob’s Track, Karridale.

Hamelin Beach
Bob’s Track heading to Hamelin Beach
Bob's track puddles
Expect lots of puddles in winter!

3 Bears track – Yallingup to Sugarloaf Rock

The 3 Bears track has to be one of my favourite 4WD tracks in WA. It’s not difficult at all; mainly compact sand with a few rocky sections, but it covers some of the most amazing coastline you will ever see. It gets it’s name from the surfing spot that is seriously popular, 3 bears track. You can read the full post on this 4WD track at 3 Bears 4WD Track near Margaret River.

3 Bears track Yallingup
Our old Hilux on the 3 bears track
3 Bears surf break
3 Bears surf break

Hamelin Bay beach

Hamelin Bay beach is accessible if you go up Bob’s Track. It’s a spectacular beach, but can be very soft; you will want to deflate your tyres significantly.

Hamelin Bay beach
Hamelin Bay Beach; yep, its pretty soft. Lower your tyre pressures!

Other 4WD tracks we didn’t tackle

No doubt there’s stacks of 4WD tracks we didn’t head to – Hooley Road, Cosy Corner and several inland. There’s so much beautiful country to explore around Margaret River, and if you have a 4WD you are laughing.

If you are looking for 4WD tracks near me (WA only) check the link out for a full map.

Who’s been to Margaret River? Have you done any of the 4WD Tracks? What did you think of them?

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